Located on the premises of our hotel complex, the Sobienie Królewskie Stud is surrounded by forests. It has an indoor arena with professional quartz sand and dimensions of 20 x 40 m, in addition to 8 hectares of meadows and pastures for horses. The beautiful countryside offers the perfect opportunity for trail rides far from the everyday urban hustle and bustle.

Our services include: - rides for children and adults, both experienced riders and beginners

  • jumping, dressage and general training with professional instructors in the yard or indoor arena
  • carriage driving and horse lungeing lessons
  • carriage rides /with prior booking/ both for individual guests and organised groups
  • horse riding training sessions and camps
  • horseback vacations and holidays
  • carriage hire for weddings
  • open-air excursions with a musician (the “Gypsy Caravan”), with an option to take dry food and build a bonfire
  • attractions during company picnics held on the Palace premises: hiring ponies for children and horses for adults
  • sleigh rides

To make a group booking, contact our marketing and sales department:
Phone: +48 25 6820 660


Carriage rides

rides around the forest (wagonette, 4-12 passengers)

PLN 50 / hour per person

rides around the palace and the golf course (jagdwagen carriage, 2-6 passengers)

PLN 50 / hour per person


Sleigh rides

PLN 50 / hour per person (orders for larger groups are calculated individually)



Horseback riding

Individual ride with an instructor in the yard/arena

PLN 80 / hour

Trail ride with an instructor

PLN 80 / hour

Group rides under subscription

PLN 50 / hour


PLN 60 / 30 mins



Guided ride

PLN 30 / 20 mins


PLN 40 / 30 mins

Ride with an instructor

PLN 60 / hour

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

For bookings, please contact:


Sobienie Królewskie Stud

Sobienie Szlacheckie 6

Sobienie Jeziory 08-443


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